Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Flu Vaccine: Pros and Cons

A few years ago I sent an article the Forest Hills Journal regarding the efficacy of the influenza vaccination.  Although I personally don't see the benefit of such a vaccination, my point was to inform the public of the composition of the vaccine, the real threat of influenza on the general public and the rational used by those who recommend all Americans receive it each year.  The response was overall very positive.  Many individuals came up to me in public and told me they were on the fence about getting the vaccination and my article solidified their decision to respectfully defer.
The propaganda machine is gearing up for the flu season, so I have decided to present to you one of the most comprehensive and balanced articles regarding everything Flu vaccination.

Please read this if you find yourself undecided or unsettled in your decision.  And as always realized that my intentions are educational and that your decision to vaccinate or not is personal.  I just want to make sure all the information to make an informed decision is available to you.

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"The Debate About Flu Shots"

Experience Life September 2012

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